Win10 cannot connect to web when open proxy

Due to the daily need to open the agent, I found a problem after a long time.

The win10 app store doesn’t connect to the Internet, and the lock screen wallpaper doesn’t change automatically.

After a long time in Baidu, I finally found a solution!

Now let me show you

Take windows store as an example. It always keeps turning around

win10 store keeps turning around

First download the package grabbing tool on the official website fiddler

Then install by yourself and open it.

Click winconfig in the upper left corner to open a small window

choose all

Just tick all the heads here!

Of course, you can check it according to your needs

Don’t forget to click Save Changes

Then you can enter successfully under the condition of opening proxy!

Win lock screen wallpaper will be replaced automatically.

open win10 store successfully